What is Online Backup?

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The Reactive Online Backup software is a program on your device which will take data from your device and store it on a server.  The backup software will automatically backup your data which is scheduled based on your requirements.  Data is transmitted through the Internet from your device to the backup server.  Data is encrypted prior to transmission so that data is sent securely to the server.  In the event of data loss, the data may be restored to the original version.  Data backup is vital for maintaining business continuity.  Our Canadian data center stores the data encrypted.

All the backup files are accessible through a web portal.  You are able to login and download or restore a file, folder or entire backup.

At Reactive Online Backup, we understand the anxiety and stress that comes with losing your data. The consequences of losing important data files can be disastrous from both a financial and a legal standpoint.  Our services provide you with piece of mind that your data is safe and secure.

Online backup services offer the following key benefits:

  • protection from theft, natural disasters and human errors
  • no upfront investment in backup hardware or software
  • access from anywhere in the world with Internet service
  • online backup Active Protection against Ransomeware
  • scalability
  • cost predictability and
  • peace of mind.

Our backup solution include:

  • file versioning, allowing you to restore previous versions of documents
  • access from your mobile phone and
  • automatic backup.


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