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Backing up your data is essential to the operation of your business. You have a choice on how you will do the backup - In-house Backups or Online Backups. Consider these aspects:

In-house Backups

  • Time-consuming
  • High cost
  • Low security/high risk of breach
  • Low data recovery
  • Low accessibility to data
  • Limited IT support
  • Requires transportation & storage space
  • High risk of theft, fire, flood or other disaster

Reactive Online Backups

  • Automatic backups; set it and forget it
  • More affordable than physical backups or other business online backup plans
  • Data can be accessed and shared from anywhere in the world, at any time
  • Dedicated, expert customer and data recovery support
  • Encrypted data before backing up, through transmission and stored encrypted
  • Devices we backup:
    • iOS Backup (iPhone / iPad
    • Android Backup
    • Office 365
    • PCs and Mac computers
    • Tablets
    • SQL Server
    • Windows/Linux servers
    • Exchange Server
  • File / Folder Backup to External Drive
  • Customer-Defined Encryption Key
  • Data center is located in Canada
  • Secure Cloud Storage in SOC2 Type II-Compliant Tier 3+ Datacenters in Canada

The choice is clear when it comes to backing up your data. Give Reactive Online Backup a call today [306-630-3518] to discuss your online backup needs.


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