Active Protection

Online Backup Active Protection Against Ransomeware

Our backup solution protects business or organization from data from loss.  The backup client runs on your device automatically taking the data you want backedup and storing it on the backup server. The backup client includes another great feature that makes your life simpler: Active Protection.

What is Active Protection?

The Active Protection feature monitors your system and prevents ransomware behaviour.


How Does It Work?

Active Protection builds a whitelist of valid processes running on your computer, including those that are legitimate encryption tools, plus Online Backup processes. It also prevents any program from accessing backed up files wherever they are.


Why Is It a Simple Solution Against Ransomware?

When ransomware hits, the malicious program starts encrypting files. Because Active Protection automatically detects the activity of a process that is not on the whitelist, it will stop it. Active Protection will then restore any file that was already encrypted by the ransomware from a valid backup. This is done in real time and goes almost unnoticed by the user. Compared to the time spent on rebuilding a computer and restoring its system and data files, Active Protection is bliss!


Is Active Protection an Antivirus?

Antivirus and antimalware programs do not stop ransomware. Otherwise, ransomware would not be so problematic. Antiviruses have to be updated daily, and when a new virus definition has not been deployed yet, you’re still vulnerable to zero-day attacks.


It Takes Backup for Active Protection to Work

Backing up ALL your computers is critical to the success of Active Protection:

  1. Backing up your servers only is not enough. Ransomware attacks have been mostly reported to start on end-user devices, so these need to be backed up too.
  2. Backing up to local or network drives is not a best practice against ransomware. Some of these malicious programs have the ability to encrypt files on shared drives from the infected computer.
  3. Cloud backup ensures your backups are isolated in an offsite location.
  4. All files can be retrieved when fighting the ransomware attack, whether they were backed up from HDD, SSD, RAID, USB or other locally-attached storage devices.



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